Which Asbestos Training Course Should You Take?

If you’re a carpenter, construction worker, decorator, electrician, plumber or any other type of tradesperson, then there is a huge possibility that you will encounter asbestos in your line of work. Asbestos is found in many older buildings that used the material for fireproofing and insulation. Ultimately, asbestos is a  substance that can result in mesothelioma and asbestosis which has been linked to cancer. Asbestos was banned in 1999 as it was linked to many diseases. However it is present in buildings that were built before 2000.

The 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations Act was introduced to make sure all employers comply with the legal requirement that all employees are provided with the correct information, instruction and asbestos training when working in a space where asbestos could be disturbed.

The quickest way to get your asbestos training is through online asbestos courses. There are plenty to choose from, all offering varied modules and prices which lead to a certificate. Safety Services Direct Online Asbestos has compiled a list of the top online asbestos awareness training courses you should look to for getting your asbestos certification.


1. UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course (CAT A)

The UKATA Online Asbestos Awareness Course is the most popular online asbestos awareness course in the UK. UKATA is the UK Asbestos Training Association that has been auditing, regulating and managing the list of those providers that carry asbestos training courses since 2008. They formed because of the need to improve the standard of asbestos training that was being provided to employers. With this goal in mind, you can trust a course approved by UKATA.

The UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course (CAT A), provided by Ferncroft Environmental, is an online course that takes just two hours to complete but with that you will have a UKATA generated certificate that covers you for twelve months. Modules include; Asbestos types, its dangers and health effects as well as employee duties, regulations and procedures in case of emergency before finishing with the properties of asbestos, materials and PPE (personal protective equipment).

With a competitive price – includes a discount for employers who want to bulk buy training – 24-hour access and a support team via email, this UKATA Online Asbestos online test is one of the best around.

Price: £18.75 (individual) £17.50 (10 to 49 people) £15 (50 to 250) £12 (251 to 2500)


2. RoSPA Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course

The RoSPA Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course is an affordable option for online awareness training. RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is a charity that aims to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries from happening due to accidents the workplace. With a vested interest in the health of safety of workplaces, RoSPA understand the need for quality asbestos training.

This RoSPA training course is perfect for individuals who need training as soon as possible. With the law demanding such training for tradespeople, the thought of being able to achieve certification in a short space of time makes this course one to consider, especially if you’re just starting a new tradesjob. The course contains two key modules – Managing Asbestos & Asbestos Materials – as well the usual introduction to asbestos and its dangers and a final test.

This RoSPA asbestos awareness training course has an affordable price of £15 (per individual) is fully audited and approved by RoSPA with a completion time of two hours offers full 24-hour access, email support and an instantly generated certificate.

Prices: £15 (individual) £13 each (10 to 49 people) £10 each (50+)


3. IATP Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course (CAT A)

The IATP Asbestos training course is the perfect training course for those tradespeople that need to cover all the essential information in a very short space of time. Offering a course that can be completed within an hour, the program is audited and approved by the Independent Asbestos Training Provider. The company also supports the HSE’s (Health and Safety Executive) Asbestos Hidden Killer campaign that is raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos among tradespeople.

Offering the same modules and testing as the RoSPA course, the IATP asbestos course will get you through the course a lot faster. Once more, a generated certificate is instantly created. It’s easy to use and convenient which is a perfect solution for an independent tradesperson, employees and employers.

The IATP training offers a competitive price, an instant certificate with 24-hour access and email support.

Prices: £17.50 (individual) £15 (10 to 49) £12 (50 to 5000)


Whichever course you decide to take, they all offer the awareness you need for understanding the dangers of asbestos which are expected of any trade professional. If your current licence has expired, then these are perfect refresher courses to get your accreditation back. Conclusively, the choice will come down to preference of the course and what it offers, the provider, the price and the time you have to complete the course.

Whichever you choose, SSD Online Asbestos offer each of these at competitive prices. Get in touch with us to help you find the right course for you.