What is the asbestos awareness course?

The asbestos awareness course is an online method of training for employees who may disturb asbestos and be at risk of exposure to this dangerous substance.  The course intends to provide workers with the information, instruction and awareness they require to work safely with asbestos in a quick, easy and efficient format.

Users of the course will be tested on their knowledge throughout and will only receive asbestos awareness certification once they have successfully completed each test.

There are three core asbestos awareness training providers:

UKATA is the most popular training provider.

Does asbestos awareness training expire?

Your UKATA asbestos awareness training expires after 12 months which means that you should retake the course every year to renew your certificate.

However, your IATP asbestos awareness training and RoSPA asbestos awareness training does not expire, so once you have received your certificate you do not need to do a refresher course unless you want to.

When do I receive my course?

You’ll receive your asbestos awareness course as soon as you have completed your purchase, so you can access it and get started whenever you’re ready. There is no waiting around!

Who is asbestos awareness training for?

Asbestos awareness training is for anyone who may encounter asbestos in their line of work. Those most at risk of exposure to asbestos include, but is not limited to, maintenance workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, decorators, construction workers, roofers and surveyors.

Even if you have previously taken an asbestos awareness course, we advise that you regularly take refresher courses to keep up to date with changes in legislation.

When do I get my asbestos awareness certificate?

You receive your asbestos awareness certificate once you have successfully completed all sections of the course.
This means that you can be asbestos awareness certified in two hours or less!

How long does the asbestos awareness certificate last?

The asbestos awareness certificate that you receive following the completion of your UKATA online course expires after 12 months.
However, IATP and RoSPA asbestos awareness training certificates don’t carry an expiration date.

When is asbestos awareness training required?

Asbestos awareness training is required when you are carrying out any activities that may cause you to disturb asbestos.

Once you have successfully completed your asbestos awareness training, there is no legal requirement to repeat the course every year; however, if you do work with asbestos on a regular basis then a refresher course is advised to help maintain your knowledge of asbestos.

What does asbestos awareness training teach you?

Asbestos awareness training teaches you about asbestos, from the different types to where it may be encountered, and safety procedures that must be implemented both from a legal standpoint and for general health reasons.

The aim is to provide workers with a full and comprehensive understanding of asbestos, the dangers, health implications and best working methods to reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as mesothelioma.

How long does asbestos awareness training take?

Each course varies in length. IATP training is our shortest course at approximately 60 minutes; whereas, RoSPA training and UKATA training are both approximately two hours in length.