Everything You Need to Know About RoSPA

Who are RoSPA?

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) are a charity that aims to save lives by preventing accidents that can cause life-changing injuries within the workplace and everyday life. Their mission is to have life-enhancing skills to be exchanged to reduce those serious accidental injuries allowing everybody to enjoy life to the fullest. To get as much knowledge as possible, RoSPA collaborate with a large number of experts ranging from people affected by accidents and their families as well as corporations from around the world.

RoSPA’s knowledge plays an important part in the majority of our online courses, including the RoSPA Asbestos Awareness Course, allowing that shared wisdom to get to you, knowing that it has come from a respected pool of experts.

Why did RoSPA form?

RoSPA were founded in 1916 in a response to the increase in road accidents during the First World War. This was caused by the restricted street lighting that was needed during nights in conditions of war. The “Safety First” council was established 1st December 1916 to tackle these accidents and find ways of preventing such accidents.

One successful campaign introduced a rule to make pedestrians face oncoming traffic as they crossed the road. It was hugely successful as it decreased the amount of people stepping into the path of vehicles by 70%.

On the back of such successes, in 1918, the British Industrial “Safety First” Association (BISFA) was formed to tackle workplace safety on a national scale. It got its “Royal” approval when HRH The Duke of York became president in 1920 before remaining on as a patron when his presidency ended.

What influence has RoSPA had on society?

Their campaigning has led to the introductions of assessments and laws that we consider everyday things. These include:

Green Cross Code

Including the famous adverts with British Actor David Prowse, best known as Darth Vader in Star Wars, as a costumed superhero teaching children to cross the road.

Drink Drive Legislation

Enacted in 1967, RoSPA campaigned for a limit of 80 milligrammes drink drive limit.

The Institution of Industrial Safety Officers

A professional body for health and safety in the workplace.

Quality Safety Audit

This was introduced for all employers which has undergone various changes to keep it relevant year on year.

Driver Profiler

A RoSPA online risk assessment tool that allows employers to measure their employees driving ability without leaving the workplace.

RoSPA & Health and Safety

RoSPA are leaders in workplace health and safety thinking. They promote numerous key issues in securing significant and lasting change. These key issues are:

  • Assistance to Small Firms
  • Occupational Health
  • Director Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Involvement of workers
  • Occupational Road Risk Management
  • Learning from Safety Failure
  • Going Public on Performance
  • 24/7 Safety

With such focus and dedication on these key issues, improvements will be made over time as more and more intelligence is gathered from workplaces in their mission to keep workplaces as safe as possible.

We make sure our RoSPA training courses are fully approved based on the information they have gathered from the shared knowledge of workplaces. Whether that is in Working at Heights training or learning of the RoSPA Asbestos awareness there are a number of RoSPA approved courses available. For more information on our RoSPA approved courses, do get in touch.