What Are The Health Problems Related to Asbestos?

There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing your health is at risk, and fearing that something will affect your well-being. Asbestos is a toxic material that was used in buildings to help with fireproofing and insulation. Online Asbestos is here to provide workers with a convenient, fast and effective way to earn certification from asbestos awareness training courses. Online Asbestos specialises in offering certified and industry approved online training courses for asbestos awareness, including the cheapest online UKATA course in the UK.

The Health Effects of Asbestos

Asbestos contains a material that is not considered to be harmful unless it releasing dust or fibres into the air, where it can be inhaled or ingested. Asbestos has many serious long-term effects if the body is exposed to it. Many of the fibres become trapped in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. While they can be removed, some may pass deep into the lungs, or, if swallowed, into the digestive system.

Exposure to Asbestos increases your risk of developing an asbestos-related disease, but it does not guarantee you will develop one. If you are exposed to Asbestos, it is important to tell your doctor, especially if you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, or pain in the chest.

Asbestos Linked to Lung Cancer

Other than smoking, Asbestos is one of the most common causes of lung cancer. This is commonly found with people who directly work in mining, milling and manufacturing. The symptoms of Lung Cancer include; consistent coughing, and change in breathing also shortness of breath, persistent chest pains and anaemia. However, cigarette smoke is still considered to significantly increase risk risk of developing lung cancer, compared to people who have only been exposed to Asbestos.

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops a thin layer over internal organs. The most common area that is affected is the lining of lung and chest wall. More than 80% of mesothelioma happens due to the exposure to Asbestos. Prevention centres around the country are using radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy to help combat Mesothelioma.

The effects of Asbestos

Breathing in Asbestos fibres over many years causes scarring of the lungs. A study by Marcel Goldberg showed that a worker who were used to Asbestos in their occupational setting, suggested that not everyone is equally affected when exposed to the same levels of Asbestos. An individual’s susceptibility to developing an asbestos-related disease is likely to be determined by several factors including; genetics, smoking history, and timing of initial exposures.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s such as Government agencies, have established regulations that impose a duty on employers to keep total occupational Asbestos settings within a workplace below an eight-hour, time-weighted average for each day. However, these regulations do not establish safe levels for Asbestos exposure. This is to reduce the risk for workers to help find excess cancer even below that level and that there is minimum safe threshold level.

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